16 reasons I redesigned my life, according to Pinterest

I love a good vision board. When designing a brand aesthetic or mapping out what I want to accomplish in the next 5 years-ish, nothing lets my inner voice come through and tell me what I really want quite like a mood board.

Whether you create them with magazine clippings and stick glue, or digitally on Pinterest or in Powerpoint, vision boards work by creating a sacred space that displays what you want to bring to life. So you focus on what you DO want, rather than what you DON’T want.

Like I mentioned before, I’d been feeling the urge to quit “dream job” in corporate America for several months while casually looking for other jobs, looking for an escape, and pinning sentiments onto my “Life Death Taste” Pinterest board – quotes and pictures that resonated with me at that achy time in my life.

Looking back on that board now, I realize that my Pinterest followers probably knew I was quitting before I did. It’s like I was giving myself advice without even realizing it. So I want to share with you some of those resounding, universal truths that let me know I needed to take a leap of faith.

There are a million reasons why I risked it all, but here are 16 of them that sum up why I uprooted my safe life in pursuit of a more meaningful life, as told by my subconscious mind through my Pinterest board over the course of the past year.  

If any of these resonate with you, your gut may be trying to tell you something, too.

Comment below and tell me which one’s jump out at you.

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wolf circus


5 people


Your responsibility


Sorry Im Late


Pay Bills


Your Life Your Story


75 years




fail achieve


flower bloom




stop saying yes


be fearless


stay wild


do drugs

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